No more clean builds!

It was fun while it lasted, but maintaining a clean build is not worth it to me. Doing fast proximity flying you’re bound to crash eventually, and while being pretty strong, it will sometimes need repairs after a bad crash. So after a crash requiring an ESC and motor replacement, I decided to migrate it all to my UBAD ZMR250 PDB.

11542645_10207060118925035_2062356555_oThis should be a lot easier to maintain with the integrated power circuit. Swapping a motor and/or ESC can now be done in the field, without seperating the bottom plates 🙂

IMG_20160309_123413Yes, it doesn’t look as clean as version 1, but I also enjoy the ‘technical’ look of all the exposed wires and it allows me to spend more time flying and less on maintenance! Function over form, right?

FPV gear moved to ZMR250

Since I completed the ZMR250 for LOS flying I wasn’t really flying my first build anymore. I tested them LOS side-by-side for the first time last week and was impressed by the power difference. My first build is now lovingly nicknamed ‘fat piggy’ and I decided to move my FPV gear to the ZMR250.

I really like modular designs! I just unplugged the FPV gear on my first build & connected it to the spare connector I left for this purpose on my ZMR250 😀 result! Didn’t bother with wiremesh because I plan on replacing the camera and VTX and that’ll probably require rewiring it anyway.

It was very windy today so I was only able to test signal stability & get a feel for the speed of this quad flying FPV.IMG_20150823_134250


I’m going to start tuning it now that all the gear is mounted (550g AUW). It handles pretty nice on stock PIDs but it’s not ‘locked in’ yet. I won’t post another boring DVR video, I’ll update once I get some HD footage 🙂 !

Even more wire mesh

I didn’t like the damaged red spacers so I decided to try a ‘quick fix’ using the materials I had…




I need to find a better way to prevent them from unraveling but I think it looks pretty good and it only adds about a gram in weight. Maybe a tiny bit of heat shrink on the ends would keep it nice and clean and still look good?


Testing collective pitch heli

A colleague of mine was unable to get his Esky Belt CP V2 helicopter in the air reliably so he gave it to me, awesome! 😀 It was pretty untuned so I spent quite some time checking the servo’s and making sure they could reach their endpoint’s smoothly. After checking gyro and control directions it was time for the first test flights…

Oops! While it can definitely fly, there was heavy drifting to the left and some yaw control issues. Unfortunately these helicopters are really delicate machines, especially compared to our tough 250 quads, so the first crash ended up damaging the blade mount. I hope I can repair this as I’d really like to get this thing in the air nice and tuned 🙂 Thanks to Danny for providing me with this nice heli!

ZMR250 First Flight Day!

Cleaned up the ESC wiring to the FC with some wire mesh yesterday so my build is now officially 100% ‘wireless’ 😀 a great improvement after my previous messy wire build, and it pays off in weight and ease of maintenance.

Weather allowed me to do a first proper test flight today. Transporting in a temporary case, going to cut the foam so it all fits nicely soon:

Ready for take off with great weather!


Short test video… need to edit it some more but that will take a while…

All tests passed! 😀 Really happy with the result of this build. I think I’m going to switch my first build to a ZMR250 frame as well when it finally breaks.

Today’s flying was on 5045 props, even at 5 inch they have plenty of power though I’m soon going to start testing 6045’s for even more fun.


The orange/carbon fiber combination is a win in my opinion – the contrast between the two makes the orange stand out really nice!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat!